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Raiņa iela 87-85
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Dental clinic "Perladents” offers high standard dental care using modern technologies and treatment methods. Our qualified specialist professionalism has been proven through the years of work and through hundreds and hundreds happy, satisfied patients. The state-of-the-art equipment, newest materials and and up to date treatment methods applied in our clinic guaranties the best results possible.


We do care about your oral health, which is why we are keen to provide only the best medical care:

  • Dental therapy and root canal treatment – caries, erosion, traumatic lesion, emergencies; 
  • Restorations – we restore the natural colour and shape of any tooth needed; 
  • Implantation – the perfect way to replace the missing tooth without any trauma for adjacent teeth, the best way to retain your denture; 
  • Dental surgery – dental extractions, wisdom tooth surgery, apectomy; 
  • Oral hygiene – dental plaque removal tooth and root polishing, tartar removal, smokers plaque removal, individual hygiene instruction; 
  • Tooth whitening – breathtaking bright smile in just one hour (other option like home whitening are available); 
  • Prosthodontics – missing tooth replacement.
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