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Talsi city
Photo: Andris Drozdovs

Talsi is situated 115 km from the capital city Rīga, a car-drive from Rīga takes around two hours. 


Talsi is one in the most picturesque cities in Latvia. The reasons of its beauty are several hillocks – nine in total – and lakes adjacent to the city. As can be observed in relation to several other cities of Latvia, the beginning of Talsi as a settlement can be traced back to the 13th century. It is possible that the nine hillocks of Talsi were sacred places. Today Talsi is a small, nice, very well-kept and romantic small town, which blossoms in springs. The town is most beautiful during summer with blossoming city parks and flourishing meadows and forests around it. The most important attractions are the Lutheran Church, Dzirnavkalns Hill, chapels in classical style and Talsu Castle Mound, which used to be one of the largest and mightiest fortifications in the region. It is advisable to walk around the old city of Talsi in order to feel the gentle landscape, graceful architecture and suburban peace.